What If

She wanted to tell him that how badly she had fallen for him but she knew that would only poison the precious friendship they shared, so she kept quite. Whenever she saw him with a girl, she thought to herself what they had which she didn’t nevertheless she smiled to hide her feelings and at his each break up her heart rebelled. As she wanted to feel bad for him but her heart wanted to tell him, that she was better than all those other girls who left him, that once he came to her he wouldn’t have to go anywhere else. But she always suppressed the voice of her heart.

One day tired of betrayals found in love he came crying to her with pieces of his heart in his hands. She opened the door to let him in, little did he know that it was not just the door of her house she had opened she had given him the keys to her heart.

He cried and hugged her tight, saying “I wish I would have given my heart to someone responsible, someone who would not break it.”

She clutched her hands holding back her words when again he looked into her eyes and said, “I wish I had given it you.”

He had said what she always wanted to hear but yet she kept shut as she thought it wasn’t the right time and wiped away his words with a smile. After which he disappeared for a while.

A while later…

She thought once he returns she will tell him everything and her doorbell rang again. Somehow she sensed that it was him. She rushed to open the door after setting her hair in the mirror and making sure she looked good.

She opened the door and he was standing right there in front of her with a bunch of her favorite flowers, roses, and chocolates. Her heart raced just when he hugged and whispered in her ears, “I found her.”

She felt a little ting in her heart and an unremovable smile on her face maybe it was time for her to confess her ages old love to him. She welcomed him in her home and they sat down to have the conversation she had been waiting for.

After a week, she stands at their altar seeing the love of her life getting married to someone else. The moment he had told her the name of his lady love, her heart shattered into a million pieces but her eyes reflected immense happiness in them for him.

Now she walks alone wondering to herself, that what if she had told him that day itself about how much she loved him ever since she knew what love was. What if she had just listened to her heart once, things may have been different for good or bad, but different. Better than the pain she was feeling.

Though the voice of her heart never reached his ears, but she put them to verses so that the woe of her heart could reach the ears of those who wait for the right time to confess their love, so that they realize there can’t be any right time. If one waits then one will end up waiting always.


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