Daily Prompt: Unfinished

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon,  they were sitting on the patio, she was reading a book and sipping her ice tea whereas he was reading the paper and watching her in turns. Like one of their usual Sunday afternoons. When suddenly, he asked, “What would be the perfect gift for you?”

When suddenly, he asked, “What would be the perfect gift for you?”

Surprised and puzzled at his question, she did nothing but looked at him with blank expressions. 

So he further explained, hypothetically, if I ever wanted to gift you something I would like to know that what would make the perfect gift for you. I couldn’t think of anything, hence I am asking you.

I don’t know she said. After which she returned to her book and he back to his paper. Though their conversation remained unfinished,  but all she thought about was his question.

Seeing her struggle, he took away her book and said, “not as easy as it sounded, huh”
She smiled back and he noticed a spark in her eyes. Spark of an anticipated argument.

So tell me, what is the perfect gift?

A perfect gift for anyone would be happiness. She said, with confidence.

Okay! Define this happiness.

I don’t know, happiness carries different meanings for different people. For a poor person, it may be in the form of money, so that he can fulfill some of his needs. For a hard working student, it may be the first rank. For a mother, it is the hearty laughter of her child…

But what is it for you, he interrupted.

For me, huh! For me it is today.


Yes.  I feel fortunate enough to get this today, this day, which increases the duration of my life. Moreover, the day when I wake up next to you. As this, today is nothing without you in it. The peace I find in your arms, the respect I see in your eyes and the love I feel around you. That is what happiness is for me. So if ever you want to give me the perfect gift then give me the man residing in my heart and eyes. She smiled, and kissed him.
He smiled back at her, wrapping her in his arms with love.

Though he had lost the argument, but the moment he looked at her, he knew he had won something even more precious than that. He had won her heart.








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