Not many people knew her, but who did refer to her as a clown. Why? Because she never failed to make anyone laugh who came in contact with her. However, the irony was, no one could ever see her tears behind her laughter or even hear her pain behind her jokes.

No one could ever even imagine that there could be anything behind such a happy face. She was envied by many, but little did they know, not always it is as it seems. She gave people what she failed to find, happiness.

Even though everything was taken from her, she never stopped believing in giving. But one day, she lost the only thing she knew.

Now no one laughed with her, but many laughed at her. Her jokes evoked her helplessness.

But for the first time she found something, she had lost the hope of getting long ago. A hand on her shoulder, love in someone’s eyes. But wait, it isn’t a love story. No, it was friendship she had longed for. Her problems were still the same, she still had nothing but had found something worth more than anything. Someone who shared her happiness, but also her tears. Who gave her back the smile she had once gifted them as strangers.

If this were to be the end of her story, then the journey she had taken was worth it. And she was willing to undergo all of that a 1000times more. As at the end of the day, she had someone and could climb the tree with. Dance in the rain with, race over the grass, barefoot with. Lie down under the open sky and count the stars with. And never had she ever found those stars so beautiful before.

But if this wasn’t supposed to be the end of her story, yet she was okay with it as she knew one thing for sure, that she had given smiles in the world where tears were a trend, moments of joy where stress was the timetable.



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